Shooting Tips

Shake the shakes

Even the smallest movement is magnified with a Telephoto Zoom Lens. This can spell a blurry disaster for your shot. The trick is to use a fast shutter speed to ditch the shutter shake. Or use a sturdy tripod. Some lenses come with an Image Stabilizer mode that instantly helps clean up your shot.

Make it macro

Switch it up. Instead of always zooming in on a subject far away, try photographing something up close. Keep the background simple – less distraction equals better focus on your subject.

Blur the background

Take advantage of the aperture available to you on a Telephoto Zoom Lens. Large aperture blurs a potentially distracting background, allowing your subject to be the star of your shot.

Plan for pan

Panning with a Telephoto Zoom Lens can have high impact. Motion will create an exaggerated blur, bringing action and movement to your shot.

Make your shot out of this world

Try your hand at Astrophotography. Use your Telephoto Zoom Lens as a telescope. Just try to keep the light pollution low, use a tripod to get a sharp shot and maybe even consider using a cable release to eliminate the risk of blurriness. You need to record as much light as possible for the shot because unless you are shooting for the moon, most objects in the sky aren’t that bright. If you leave the shutter open for a longer time, you will record more light. Because the stars and planets are in motion, the longer you leave the shutter open, the more streak effect you get across the sky.

Be head and shoulders above the rest

Telephoto Zoom Lenses are perfect for taking head and shoulder portraits as the background will be out of focus. In other words, your model is the clear star of your shot.