HELP: How to use this site

Getting Started

Click on the subject or shooting scenario you want to see and test from anywhere on the homepage: top navigation, marquee images or button images.

This will bring you to a lens Comparison Tool. 

How does the Comparison Tool work?

  • It allows you to try two lenses side by side.
  • The default for the lens comparison is a standard 18-55 mm Kit Lens image.
  • Compare this image to an image shot with a Canon Recommended Lens.
  • Canon's Recommended Lenses for different subject matters are labeled in red.
  • See the dramatic difference between your standard 18-55 mm Kit Lens and the Canon Recommended Lens.
  • Drag and drop any lens into the lens target to compare images shot with two different lenses. 
  • Compare each lens against a standard Kit Lens or lenses side-by-side. Mix and match lenses from other categories. For example, if you choose "Get close from a distance" you can try out Telephoto Zoom, Standard Zoom, Portrait, Macro or Ultra-Wide Zoom lenses. Drag and drop a lens from the lens line-up to compare two.
  • Want to switch up lenses? Simply drag the new lens over the lens that you want to replace.
  • Check out how each lens compares in artistic expression. Look for colour tone, clarity and differences in perspective. How do the lenses compare for capturing lighting conditions or very fine details? Whether you’re interested in capturing the fine details of flowers in your garden or the fun and excitement of your son’s birthday party, you can see the difference that a quick and easy switch of a camera lens makes.

What is “Range Simulator”?

  • The Range Simulator tool demonstrates the focal range of zoom lenses. Slide the red tab back and forth to see a simulation of how the chosen lens can zoom in or out on a subject.
  • Portrait and Macro lenses are both "Prime" (fixed-focal length) lenses and do not zoom.

Where does the “Why This Lens?” button take me?

By selecting this button, if available, you will be provided with specific details about your chosen lens. Learn about the features of that lens compared to other lenses in that category. 

More helpful tips

Wondering which lens is being tested? Look for the "Lens in Use" call-out above either the left or right lens in the Range Simulator to be sure.

You can switch between scenarios wherever you are on the site by clicking on the tabs that run along the top of your screen.

When you click on the details of a particular lens, you’ll notice Related Content on the right side of your screen. Here you’ll find links to helpful information on The Advantages of Interchangeable Lenses, How to Read A Canon EF Lens and valuable Shooting Tips.

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Chrome, Firefox, IE8 and above, Safari.

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PC, Mac, iPad.